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     Boater Training and Services

BoaterSchool Makes Boating Safe and Easy
Complete boater education through classroom-based and custom
tailored hands-on courses.
Boating 101
The better boating course.
A unique classroom-based boating education and safety course.
Great for all boaters... a must for first timers.
Boating 102 Hands-On Training
Learn docking, handling, how to navigate your local waterways and more,
all in the comfort of your own boat

Your Captain
Captains by the Hour, Complete Captain's Services for
Powerboats up to 40 Feet.
Mates by the Hour, Complete Mate's Services for all Powerboats.

Powerboat Tours
Charters by the Hour,
Custom Created Sightseeing & Photo Opportunity Tours

Equipment Advisors
Outfitting Consultation, Practical Purchasing Guidance for the
Procurement of Marine Related Parts and Accessories.

Customization Counselors
Rigging Consultation, Invaluable Advice on the Addition of
Equipment Requiring Installation or Customization.

Powerboat Captains
Boating 101
Insure Safety
Save Time and Money
Eliminate Aggravation
Make Boating Easy

Boating 102
Complete Systems Orientation
Basic Navigation Skills
Handling and Docking Skills
Your Boat, Your Area

Captains & Mates by the Hour
U.S. Coast Gaurd Licensed Captains
Designated Boat Driver
Boat Transportation Service
Enjoy Peace of Mind

Powerboat Tours
Historic Monuments and Forts
See Waters Deep in History
Fleet of Luxurious PowerBoats

Outfitting & Rigging Counseltation
Buy the Correct Gear the First Time
Avoid Excess Expense
Introduction to the Latest Products
Learn Where to Buy

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